Brussels: the second day

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

J, S, F and I. Travel buddies.

On the second day - Sunday- we were on a crowded metro. I think I got my cellphone stolen, then. It was in my pocket, and there had been a couple of guys pushing against me while trying to get out, so I think it had been them. So no phone until I leave France, and no phone in NZ either until I get a new one. Maybe it's time for an upgrade?! iPhone?! haha.

Why would you want to steal a pink phone!?? :(

The Belgian metro. Or was it the tram?

The hostel we were staying in. You can see Alfred Hitchcock on the left, and Elizabeth Taylor is on the right. We couldn't figure out the guy in the middle, though I am sure I have seen him before...

There was also Salvador Dali, Frida Kahlo, ... again, what's the name of the middle guy again?!

Our room was clean and spacious. My bottom bunk.

J's first castle! Though it's only a gateway of one...

The second day we saw the poorer part of Brussels.

Some hip young 'uns in their leather boots and vintage bikes.


A huge flea market in the square. So many interesting junk and trinkets!

Old Brussels

They have amazing arts at the metro.

Each stop is so different.

Colours and shapes.

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  1. what was the name of the hostel you stayed at? the artist mural all is amazing!

    1. It was called Hello Hostel. A decent hostel, pretty clean and quiet - most of the time :)


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