Dessert place : Ladurée

Thursday, December 29, 2011

My favourite macarons place!

In my opinion, most people choose between Ladurée and Pierre Hermé when it comes do deciding on the best macarons. The main differences between the two houses are:
  • Ladurée has classic flavours and colours. Lovely, soft pastel colours, for both the macarons and the packagings. It's more girly, and calmer. My favourite Laudurée place to go is in the 6th, on the corner of rue Bonaparte. It's smaller, but not as crowded as the one in Champs Elysées. Can buy with card easily, with no minimum amount.
  • Pierre Hermé is more experimental. Macarons with olive oil or white truffle flavours. You often find mixtures of flavours, like lemon and ginger. So, the colours can be two toned, or speckled, and many times I find my fingers covered in metallic-like dusts. I don't know what they are, though. Their packagings are clean, and young. They had a shop just a block away from my place, near the Pasteur station (Métro lines 6 and 12), so I got to try a lot. One thing was that they had a minimum charge for paying by card.

My French buddy S got me a box of Ladurée macarons as a going away gift. How lovely are they? Thank you so much! Her family gets a box for every Christmas, and her favourite flavours are raspberry and chocolate. Love, love, love!

This is my last Paris eats post for a while. Do come back, still, though, please. As well as eating/drinking places in New Zealand (in Christchurch and Auckland, and also have a trip to Queenstown planned for in February, where they have an amazing burger place, apparently), I will also be posting more cooking entries, for you to try out. See you soon! :)

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