Dessert place : Sugarplum Cake Shop

Saturday, December 17, 2011

This is such a girly place! It's close to the Paris 7 university, and there are big tables both at the front and the back ideal for group studies. Also for just casual chit chats. Or even alone. When the weather gets warmer again, in a few months' time, you could take your cake and coffee or tea outside in the courtyard between the main café and the kitchen area. So many possibilities ! The staff are nice, all English speaking.

I was going to bring J here, but decided perhaps a girlfriend would be better, so went with A instead. We shared a teapot for two, a South African red tea with a pretty name, and a huge slice of cake each. A slice of vanilla coffee for her, and strawberry, vanilla, chocolate for me. Both with lots of icing. So pretty in their pastel colours, and so filling, too.

It was such a perfect cosy atmosphere for a wet cold winter day. Let the weekend begin ! Counting down until I leave France. Closed my bank account with little hassle, thankfully. Next up is the Internet, and I really hope everything will go fine, fingers crossed! Had my last job sessions - the internship, the short contract at a travel agency, the babysitting gigs. Now just a few more last coffee dates with the beautiful people I have met during my time here, and packing and cleaning my Parisian home. A little stressed, but I know everything will end up fine. :)

Bon weekend !

Sugarplum Cake Shop
68, rue du Cardinal Lemoine
75005 Paris
01 46 34 07 43

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