Lunch place : Les deux magots

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Flicking, or rather clicking, through old photo albums, came across these photos of places I haven't blogged about. These are places I visited in the first half of the year, and probably the reason why I am so broke right now! Haha. 

Les deux magots is a well known café where the likes of Picasso and Hemingway used to hang out, in the St-Germain-des-Près area. Apart from this place, there are also Café de Flore, just next door, and Brasserie Lipp across the road, which makes up the Big Three. The first two cafés are especially touristy. And pricey. 

My school is in the same neighbourhood, so I pass these places almost every day. Plus, these being famous places, I wanted to try them out at least once. So, one fine day between classes, I popped in for a quick lunch. 

There were lots of people and the tables were all stuck together. For me to get into my seat, the waiter had to take the table out, as you would a chair for a lady, let me in to sit down on the bench seat, then push the table back in. Same when I got out after the meal. 

The interior is clean and chic. Classy.

The hot chocolate. Comparable to the one served at Angelina's, actually. It was real chocolate, very sweet, but not too strong. 

I had an omelette. I forget what kind it was, but I remember thinking it wasn't as expensive as I'd expected. I may think otherwise in my current financial situation, perhaps. But it was reasonably priced.

Service wise, many of the waiters are young and good looking, smartly dressed, of course, in their uniforms, and speak good English. Otherwise, perhaps it is because the place is so popular, and touristy, but I didn't find them very nice. As I tell my friends who are visiting, Les deux magots has good hot chocolate and good looking waiters, but for better service, and better price (even if only by a minuscule difference), go to Café de Flore. If you had to choose only one... Toss a coin, haha.

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