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Thursday, December 08, 2011

Well, this sucks.

Got locked out of my Facebook account. They want to do a security check, meaning they will send me a text message with a code, so they can be sure that I am who I say I am.

Probably because I have been forgetting my password. Which is what happens when your laptop remembers it for you, until you want to log in on a different computer.

The problem being that I have recently got my cellphone stolen - for which I cannot claim insurance because I didn't file it to the local police, having realised it was gone after I'd left Brussels - this makes the whole situation rather annoying.

I will have to either:
- find a cellphone to put my NZ sim card in to get the text message, except I am not sure if my account would go on auto roam, or
- not do FB until I get back to NZ, which is almost not an option.

I mean, no cellphone and no FB?! How will I be able to contact people, especially to say goodbye to the French people I am leaving behind in two weeks' time (!!!)?

Boohoo.. Not having the best of days today.

Okay, so that was a false alarm. Went back after an hour and now FB is accessible again. Cool. Yay!

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