Friday, January 13, 2012

It's been a relatively long week, though on the other hand it seems like it's passed by pretty quickly as well. I moved into a new place, just for this week. Moving again next week. I started going to the swimming pools every day. I walked >40 mins into town and back each day. Most days it was raining, but thankfully the weather behaved considerably while I was busy exercising my legs. I caught up with friends. I also looked at an apartment a day; there was one which I fell in love with, but unfortunately it went to someone else. Apartment hunting is definitely harder than it used to be. More expensive, too. 

Today was a sunny, and very windy, day in Auckland. I was supposed to look at a few apartments today but all fell through. One agent in particular was playing around with me, rescheduling then rescheduling. So annoying. 

Went for a short swim. Walked into town. I registered myself at the Cathedral. Finally. It took me five years.  I went to a really cool café near downtown and had a quick lunch and a read. Before going to an apartment to wait for a viewing that never happened. Argh.

After a two hour lecture, back at the apartment. The agent still doesn't turn up. She wants to show me the place next week. What. Annoyed and tired from all the walking I had done all day, I went grocery shopping and went home. My legs.

This was dinner. Spinach greens, tomato, blueberries, basil feta cheese.

This was waiting for me by the sink. Oh, poor thing. Ew.

Thank goodness it's the weekend. I restart work tomorrow. Yay, money. Then a night out awaits me :)

Bon weekend, les amis !

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