Coffee place: Little b

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Another cute little serious coffee place in Auckland! Little b is found one block away from the infamous K Road.Infamous for its serious coolness, haha.
Little b is pretty small, but they are very serious about what they do! On one wall hangs all their certificates as the best barista for many years in running.
Look at their reading collection. All my favourite mags! Especially anything Frankie :)
The latte I ordered was one of the most smooth I've ever tasted. Not too bitter, not too sweet. Even my cus approved, who is not much of a coffee fan.

On our way here, we found another seriously awesome cafe that I have to visit some time soon. I'm flying down to my hometown today, though, so as soon as I come back to Auckland! Hope you all had a good Valentine's day. We celebrated the end of exams for me, and the last night in Auckland for my cousin, with dinner at the Viaduct, cocktails, and more cocktails dancing away. Tuesday nights are the best!

Despite the lack of sleep I am very happy at the moment, because I just got my results back from my second semester at Sciences Po and I have passed everything (phew! yay!), plus tonight I have a little date which should be fun, haha. Ok, tata for now, bisous!!

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