Let's make: Madagascan banana fritters Mofo Akondro

Monday, February 27, 2012

original recipe from here

One of my French friends is from Madagascar. We met in our Spanish class in the first half of the year but it was only during the last little bit of my Paris stay that I got to be really friends with her. Which is a real shame since I really came to like her a lot, and we enjoyed (attempted) weekly outings for new eating adventures. 

This is one of the recipes she introduced me to. It's an easy recipe that doesn't need a microwave or an oven, useful for get togethers in a student flat settings, where sometimes we don't have the luxury of the above said machines. Especially in Paris. Which can be really annoying at times. 

To make 24 fritters you need:

1 3/4C flour
1 1/4C rice flour
1C sugar
1 1/2C water
1T baking powder
1 egg
pinch of salt
1 bunch ripe bananas.

Blend the dry ingredients in a bowl, I didn't know what rice flour was so I just used 3C of normal flour. Worked okay enough for me. Add the egg and water, whisk until smooth. Cut the bananas into four long pieces. Add them to the batter, stir, and let it sit 1h. Heat oil over medium heat, drop the banana pieces, turning over occasionally for 2 to 4 minutes. Drain on paper towels. EAT!

Think it was a success because they came out alright, and also because my sister, who never seems to trust my cookings much, actually finished them all, haha. 

So merci bien, M ! Tu me manques !

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  1. Yummy ! This looks delicious !
    Thanks for sharing this to the world !

    Ps : j'étais chez Watt samedi, j'ai pensé fort à toi !

    1. Ah, Chez Watt!! Il me manque aussi, haha!


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