Dinner place: Mezze Bar

Friday, March 30, 2012

You know how I always post about the same place I really like, because I go there often? Have you noticed how this place is my new fave at the moment?
S and I had dinner here last night. It was our first time, because we usually come here for coffee or a slice of cake. I insisted. Apart from wanting to check out the cute waiter there, who reminds me of the Beatles every time, there are lots of Spanish and Moroccan inspired dishes on offer. Of course I was more interested in the latter choice. They have a tagine dish! Unfortunately I wasn't that hungry, so opted for a smaller lamb tapa, while S chose to have a chicken salad.
The conversation over dinner was our usual current topic of guys and work/study and Europe. S is going off on a month-long European trip, the lucky thing, with a backpack in tow. I spent the whole evening listing things for her to see and do and eat (!!), especially in Paris, wishing how much I would love to go with her. Tant pis, I've had my chance. I'll do Eastern Europe with her, next time, I told her. Haha. Soon...

BON VOYAGE ! Say hi to the beautiful lady Paris for me !

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