Lunch place: Art gallery

Friday, March 16, 2012

C and I went to have lunch at the Art gallery the other day. They have really nice pot pies, and also lovely tea. I have been to the gallery so far only to have lunch, haha. I must make time to look at the actual expositions, some time. 

I came to uni this morning, hurrying, thinking I was late. I rush into the room, turn right, and stop. Oh. She is not my lecturer. Oh. Um.. You guys staring at me are not my classmates. Huh? What day is it today? What time is it?! Oh!!! I am an hour early...... 

Thank goodness it's Friday. Even though I'm working all day tomorrow. Still, excited about the Round the Bays on Sunday. Also, hopefully, please, please, the last day of not having Internet at home today, please!!!!

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