Queenstown - Lunch place: Fergburger

Friday, March 02, 2012

One of THE must things to do in Queenstown for anyone is to try their famous Fergburger. It's the one common thing everyone told me to do when I told people I was going down there for a weekend. Apparently the line is at least an hour long each time, but the burgers are the size of your head and the taste amazing. Well, I am not sure about the head sized burger, but it sure was big and it was good. 

So good, in fact, that my cousin and I had it twice, on our second and third days.

The first time we had a Little Lamby burger, with mint sauce. Lamb should always be eaten with mint sauce, in my opinion. It was sweet, and very nice.

My parents had recommended that we get their onion rings with aoli. I had to give it a go, of course. Brownie points for the waitress who gave us TWO pots of aoli.
The little green area on Camp St was an ideal spot for a picinic.

The second burger that we had, this time at the beach, was a Bamby. Deer meat. It was still good, but we preferred the first lamb burger. I want one right now, actually :)

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