Baking: Grape tart

Friday, April 27, 2012

Contrary to the warming weather in the Northern hemisphere, the opposite is happening in NZ, where I am living for the moment. Autumn's coming! I found this lovely recipe for the pie from the Autumn flavour post from a French lady living in New Zealand. Who shares my name.

How was your day? Mine started early, with a 8.30am appointment at the optometrist. My fourth visit in 6 weeks! Luckily, it was my last, until next time. Got my eyes re-re-re-checked, they are much much better now; got new contact lenses to trial. Yay! Next step would be to get specialised lens for my right astigmatised eye, but perhaps not quite now. 
 To be honest, it's been feeling like Fridays pretty much every day this week. But still, I'm glad the (real) weekend is finally here :)
The tart crust is biscuity. It's not sweet, either, but that's actually perfectly balanced by the juicy grapes. Yum. I've been munching on carrots and hummus the whole afternoon, so don't really have space left for the tart at the moment, but I'm sure it won't be long before they are all gone.

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  1. Man your epic (first time visiting your BLOG)lol nice BLOG BTW lol so when are you coming down to chch to cook/cook this for me? lol guess who?


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