Baking: NZ's favourite Chocolate Brownies

Monday, April 16, 2012

On a baking roll! Felt like something sweet, so instead of buying packaged goods from the store, I decided to treat myself to some brownies. Sweet, but not too sweet, as in not sickeningly sweet. 

This recipe is called the Ultimate Chocolate Brownie, voted the best recipe from the Search for NZ's favourite recipe website...from a lady with the same name as me, hailing from my hometown to boot. I had to try it!
 I halved the ingredients. Just under 1 1/2 of sugar. 3 eggs instead of 4. Except one of the eggs had a twin egg yolk so technically it was 3 1/2 eggs, I guess. Perfect.
 The recipe required for an hour of baking in the oven. Hmm.. Since I have half the amount, does it mean I only need to wait half the time as well? I held my patience until 45 minutes were up. I think that was a good compromise. Didn't want to burn my brownies, now!
 The brownies were LOVELY! Just the right texture and sweetness.
I'm having dessert before mains... But who cares? :P

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