Coffee place: The STORE

Sunday, April 01, 2012

My friend had heard that this coffee place in St Heliers Bay was the best in Auckland. I don't know where she heard this, but of course I immediately put it onto my list of places to go. I got the chance today as C and I were searching for the garden centre to buy plants for my apartment.
C, we have to stop here for a bit!
There isn't a sitting area at this small café, but people kept coming in for their afternoon caffeine fixtures. Or else their award winning gelato. Hmm, better come back next time to try those. C and I got a takeaway cappuccino each, and I liked how smooth and non-bitter mine was.

Another discovery was made when I scanned my eye (I am having trouble with my right eye at the moment, and so was with only one eye today) over the wide array of food selections they had, and saw that they had macarons!! They were big, too!

C had never tried these delicacies before so I shared a black sesame white chocolate ganache one with him. At first he wasn't too interested, but after the first polite bite, he wouldn't say no to another.

The ladies working here were very friendly and it was thanks to them and their detailed directions that we finally found our destination. I am so coming back!

The Store
3 Averill Avenue

They also have one in Takapuna.

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