Lemon pepper pasta.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Spaghetti, al dente in 12 minutes. Spanish extra virgin olive oil, pepper, lemon juice. Simple lunch on a simple day.

When I get my own place I would really like some olive trees, lemon trees and mandarin trees. I will probably need to live somewhere with a warm climate. I wouldn't mind :)

I went to look at a flat on auction this morning. Instead of looking at the house itself as it appears, one has to look at its potential. The house we looked at was built in the Seventies. There were two bedrooms, each leading out into the back courtyard. Separate laundry room, bathroom, toilet. A cute deck and a sun room. A small kitchen, and decent sized living area.

It was a decent sized and decent priced unit for a first house, though if I bought it I would probably want a lot of work done on it.

I learnt to ask about the ventilation, and the date of the last renovation, and if the council had approved the extensions built. I also learnt to check the positioning of the sun. All the windows of one side of the house had been replaced, meaning perhaps it didn't get as much sun and the original wooden frames had decayed from humidity and moulds. The other side was well preserved. Lucky K had come along, because otherwise I wouldn't have thought of these things!

Back to uni tomorrow. I'm going to take today slow and quiet. It's going to be very full on for the next few weeks...

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