Midnight baking: English muffins

Monday, April 16, 2012

I had couscous for dinner last night, but was still feeling a bit hungry so, after trying to shake it off, decided to bake English muffins... At 9.30 at night... Since the recipe requires for around 3 hours waiting time for the dough to rise, I am still up at midnight, determined to finish making these treats. Hungrier by the hour.

I am using this recipe from Budget Bytes, a great food blog I had found a while back.

Instead of following the recipe exactly, I modified it a little. For example, I used a wholemeal flour instead of a white one. Hope it works out well. I don't even have the most basic ingredients in my kitchen. Like a large skillet. Will get there slowly, though.

These days I have been baking a lot of bread. There's one Focaccia recipe that I always go to. It's the best recipe ever! I will blog about it later.

I've also experimented with other recipes I found online. For first time attempts it is usually safe to follow the directions closely, but not always. There was one that required 2T of salt. I thought, 'hmm, that's a bit much, isn't it?' But went along with it, nonetheless. The loaf turned out beautifully, aesthetically at least. It was the saltiest bread I've ever tasted. Ever. I am sure it should have been 2t salt instead of T. Beurk! :(

Ok... the mini muffins on the pan now... Hurry up, you!! And please don't disappoint me...

Yum!!!!!!! :D

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