Picnic inside: Choco fondue with wine

Saturday, April 21, 2012

It's been a busy week. Lots have happened, but I don't really seem to remember much, as if they were a dream. I certainly seem to have dreamt a lot, too, but I don't remember them much, either. Weird.

Anyway, M, C and I had a chocolate fondue late last night. M had a giant Easter egg and marshmallows she wanted to get through, and we were only too happy to help her. There were an array of fruits - bananas, peach, pear, feijoa, grapes - and also a Merlot. The other girls had wanted a white wine but I made them try a red one this time. Plus it seemed like a more appropriate pairing for the chocolate, in my amateur wine knowledge.

Since it was late at night and the weather is definitely more cool and chilly now in the Southern hemisphere, we got our picnic mat and ate it on the floor. An autumn night picnic :) We put on the 'Bridesmaids' movie and laughed out so much, it's such a hilarious movie! By the time C and I returned to our apartments it was already 4am, but we were full and happy - and glad to tuck into our beds.

Happy Weekend!

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