Piñata time!

Sunday, April 01, 2012

It was my good friend K's 25th birthday yesterday and so we prepared a little party for him. Piñata time!! 

I spent a part of the day individually wrapping up marshmallows. It didn't take too long.. ;)
 In went the Fruit bursts,
 Chocolate éclairs,
 into this little cutie!!!
K had fun whacking the colourful donkey into pieces while we watched in amusement, from a safe distance, afar, haha. Hope you had heaps of fun, K!

As well as K, another special friend celebrated his birthday yesterday. Though I wasn't able to be with him, as I was with K, due to the long distance between us, I hope he also had a fantastic night out with his mates. A, you liked my bday song, right? Let me know when you finally get my present, please! :)

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