Weird, hurt, angry in my dream

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sometimes your dreams may be too weird or embarrassing to share, even if they are so fresh in your mind upon waking.

I had such a dream while having a nap this afternoon, after a very long day at uni, where I had survived on one regular latte and a row of sushi the whole day. By the time I was allowed to leave campus I was desperate for some food and, more importantly, sleep. I could have passed out on the hallway of my apartments, and boy was I tempted. Where were my keys?!

This is an excerpt of my dreams:

I am living by myself in this tiniest flat, and a bf who is very tolerant of my current miserliness. This is not helped by the fact that my sister is being mean to me and Mum has kind of neglected/given up on me. Anyway, I am sad and the bf tries to console me, but I find myself disgusting and push him away. I'm freaking out. He resembles the actor in Bridesmaids, actually, Chris O'Dowd. I saw the movie last weekend and enjoyed it immensely. He's cute in it.

The Chris O'Dowd look-alike takes me to a grocery store; I lose sight of him. On the way to the queue, I see a girl I know. I've been texting her a few weeks ago but she hasn't been returning my messages. I go towards her but she passes me. Thinking she hadn't seen me I go up to her and say hi, but this time she deliberately ignores me and would not talk to me. Why is she being so mean?!

Adding to my depressive state, the lady in the counter won't serve me, accuses me of having done something I haven't (I can't remember what). The angry Chinese lady will not believe that I am not Chinese and thus not understand Chinese. Her colleagues support her and I am getting angry and upset. Their swivel chair seats are digging into my thighs; I am surrounded by the counter ladies' swivel chairs and am claustrophobic. I try to call for help to the manager, a slim giant man like the monster of Pan's Labyrinth, but he's scary and has a menacing grip as he shakes my hand. I don't think he can help me.

Now I'm back home and outside the window I can overhear French people talking loudly. I strike up a conversation with them, wanting to make new French friends, but we get in a verbal fight with them, instead.

...Then I got woken up by a text message.

Feeling very groggy and disoriented, but the dream still quite fresh in my mind, as if from a horrible B movie plot.

Still, can't complain of the sleep I got. Even though the dream probably reflects the stressful and gloomy phase I am going through at the moment, it's only a passing phase, and the sleep helped greatly regain some much needed energy. Glad it's public holiday tomorrow, as well. :)

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  1. Hey Viv,

    I'm sorry to hear that you're going through a rough patch. I hope it was cathartic for you to jot some of your anxieties down. I hope you feel better soon! :)


    1. Hey Azeezah, thanks :) I'm sure it'll pass soon and then I 'll be back to my bubbly self again :)


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