Fair Trade Breakfast at the Britomart Country Club

Friday, May 04, 2012

 Come this way! A super early rise for the Fair Trade Breakfast at the Britomart Country Club this morning. 7am! It was nice seeing the sun rise as I made my way down town bundled up in my goose down jacket. Yea, already. It's not even July. I was cold.
 Yay! Goodies bag! Totally unexpected! Inside we found Fair Trade coffee, tea, chocolate, drinking chocolate, Good magazine...
 Then, of course, there was the breakfast in the sturdy cardboard tray: rhubarb jam yoghurt muesli, Kokako banana bread, banana, and coffee. I like muesli anyway, and rhubarb jam is awesome, but the banana bread was really nice. Not too sweet, not too spicy, just right, and it's quite firm - apparently that's due to spelt, an ancient wheat hybrid.
 Lots of people turned up and it was a very pleasant atmosphere to learn a bit more about Fair Trade and a chance to network with others, those who work in companies that are already Fair Trade, those that are working towards that goal, and many individuals, too. I was too busy catching up with an old high school friend who happened to be at the same place, coincidentally.
Fair Trade - good for the farmers who gain better wages and living conditions, good for us who gain better produce from more organic and sustainable farms, and thus good for the planet. Everyone gains! Please look out for the Fair Trade Fortnight in NZ which kicks off next week.

When I came out of the Country Club the sun was shining and the weather warmed up. I felt so happy for the beautiful weather and the beautiful breakfast. Yay! I want to get out early every day! :)

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