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Monday, May 14, 2012

Hi guys! My 23rd bday is coming up! :)

My birthday happens to fall on the last day of Fair Trade Fortnight this year. 

Fair Trade is a cause I have been taking interest in lately (we are trying to make the University of Auckland the first Fair Trade uni in NZ), and it'd be great if you could get to know it more, too.

Here is their website for some info, to get you started: http://www.oxfam.org.nz/what-we-do/issues-we-work-on/fair-trade/chocolate-break/

Most of you are coffee/chocolate drinkers, so the next time you are at a cafe, think to choose the fair trade option this week, for my sake if not for the farmers in the developing countries. Also bananas. And any other products available where you live :)

I don't really need anything for my birthday - apart from just a general catch up with some of you if possible, maybe - but I do have a favour to ask of you.

Instead of a present, would you be able to make a small donation to help the coffee farmers get out of poverty?

You can make your donation here:

And this is where your donation will go:

I'm sorry I couldn't host a coffee break of my own - too many bloody assignments! Hope everything's going well for you guys, have a happy week! :D


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