Sandwich place: La Boulange

Thursday, May 03, 2012

I miss the small things of Paris... Like the baguette sandwiches! I spied a new French bakery on Lorne Street, Auckland, just a street away from me. Love! There seems to be tiny shops popping up around in the Auckland CBD area these days. The first one must surely have been the ever-so popular Korean pancake shop just a few steps down the same street. Perhaps due to its immense success, others have followed suit.

In this teeny tiny slot of a place, sits a handsome Parisian native, waiting to serve you with sandwiches and dessert tarts and macarons, just like the ones in Paris. You can even sit on the lone red café table and chairs while waiting for your coffee to brew.

Also in two other locations around Auckland, they also have a website.

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  1. Hello! Oh I would miss such things of Paris too! I wish to go back there for far more time that the last. :)

    1. I hope you'll get there soon, too! Isn't Paris wonderful? :)


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