Wrong bus

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

C: You were taking ages in the pool changing room so I had to wait for you. Then you went out without me because you hadn't realised I was waiting. I went out after you and got on a bus without you.

C: We got on a wrong bus and had to get back, but we were lost. We went into this building thinking it'd be a short cut. We had the choice of this building and the steepest hill ever, you see. Like that Balwyn street in Dunedin, the world's steepest street according to the Guinness book of records. But the building turned out to be this weird religious temple and they wanted us to be one of the them and wouldn't let us out. They were coming after us to make us join them, them in creamy white flowing dress gowns and all with colourful masks, one which looked like the vampire from the Sesame Street.

It gave me the creeps and I just wanted to wake up!

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