Adventures with Daddy

Sunday, June 03, 2012

Last night I watched the Human Centipede with friends, that disgustingly disturbing movie about a crazy surgeon with a sickly ambition... Came back home hoping I won't have a nightmare about it. Please, not the middle!!

Instead, though, I had a dream where Dad and I went on adventures.. Cute.. Away from the Annoying Stepmother.. Haha. I was in France/Europe and the metro had stopped so had to get out. Wandering here and there I befriended a girl who took me to her apartment complex. I got stuck in one of the rooms on the top floor. Swinging myself from the window to the level below, I was greeted by my extended family, both loving and annoying at the same time (in the dream, not my real ones!).

We all decide to go for an explore in town. It's winter, our breaths puff like little smokes in front of us. Dad and I lead the pack, keeping to ourselves, sharing our own little secrets away from the others. The first snow falls. Dad scoops up the huge pawful of snowball, and we take turns in biting chunks out of the fresh ice call.

I miss Daddy.. :)

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