Choco place: Theobroma

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Mum and I had a girly day on Friday. We had lunch at a sushi place then went shopping, and getting our nails done, then rested ourselves a bit at Theobroma's in the Riccarton Westfields shopping centre in Christchurch. It has been our local mall for.. forever. Did you know Christchurch has the largest shopping space to person ratio in New Zealand? I bet it's even more so now, since after the earthquakes and people leaving the city.

Theobroma's is one of my sister's favourite places in Christchurch and I am sure she will be jealous for us having come here without her. It's actually a chocolate boutique, popular for its thick chilly hot chocolate drinks, but Mum and I decided on pots of tea each on this occasion. With a small selection of chocos, of course ;)

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  1. Really glad that there are some people who still goes out with their mums. I happen to be not among those people that makes me think I should be taking out my mom this coming weekend. Thanks!

    1. You totally should! I hope you have a lovely weekend with your Mum. Treat her to something nice, she deserves it! :)


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