Day trip: Whangarei

Friday, June 29, 2012

I took the day off (work) to follow friends (working) to Whangarei today. Whangarei is a town of around 70000 people, 2 hours North of Auckland. P and T were auditors going up to meet up with a client, and I was just tagging along to see C, because I'd never visited the town before. The boys dropped me off at Otaika, where C then came to pick me up.
My favourite part of Whangarei was the Marina Basin. It was a pretty place with many cafes overlooking the  parked boats.
The weather, for the most part, was sunny. With intermittent bouts of rain and wind.
Next to a huge playground where C and I were savouring our very sweet fudge-cchino (fudge hot chocolate drink with coffee), there was this small art gallery house.
This is where we got the hot drinks from. Mine was Baileys fudge, and C chose the Russian Fudge.
Back in city centre, listening to buskers.
This cute tissue box and cover was by my side all day, due to the wretched cold I have been forced to be with all week.
Some other views of Whangarei:

After a rain, there always appears a rainbow to make you feel better.
Apparently tonight is the ball night for C's old high school. Happy Ball night, high schoolers. Enjoy, but behave!

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