Dinner place: Mezze bar

Monday, June 18, 2012

 Donde estas? I went to Mezze bar after the last exam of the semester thinking I will be able to practise a bit of Spanish to find that our favourite waiter had the day off. Ah, well. To celebrate the end of uni for another semester C and I had sangria, which we gulped down in happiness, and baklava.
For dinner I had my lamb tagine, and C a small patatas bravas. My meal was way larger than C's, and I am still very very full because of it. We made friends with more waiters working at the bar. Haha. Not sure who I will frequent here with in the next month, now, since C is leaving town to go North on a job placement. I also need to look for another job, too...

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  1. LOL viv, i wouldnt call it a job placement coz im not even getting paid. They will just abuse me for 40 hours :( loooool. and dont worry, 3 weeks will pass, you will have your wingwoman back in no time :P


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