Supper time: Wine, daddy.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dad and I had a bit of a wine session in my room while Mum entertained her friends downstairs last night. We had a tasting selection of three red wines, and caught up on each other over fruit and other snacks.
After Dad had picked me up from the airport that afternoon we headed straight for the supermarket to get ingredients for German currywursts. I had loved them when I visited the country last year, but Dad had not been able to try them because he hadn't had the time to sought them out. 
We got 6 sausages, cut into bite sized slices, heated them on a pan with a dollop of butter. Added 1cup tomato sauce, 1T curry powder, 1t paprika powder, 1/2t sugar, 1/4t onion powder... then simmered for around 20 minutes. Sprinkled more curry powder on top. 

The curry was strong and it would have been more authentic had we fried some chips on the side as well, but we were in a hurry to get upstairs before the guests arrived, haha.

It's so good to be back, even though the weather is definitely much cooler than the North Island. There are still bits of snow left from earlier this week, and I got woken by a rumble of earthquake in the early hours this morning. Ah, yes, the earthquakes. There is also another warning of snow for today, so better be careful on the roads!

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