Brewing: Moroccan mint tea

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

There is a special way of drinking Moroccan mint tea. I got taught this when I was living in France.

What you need:

3T green tea with 6 sugar cubes - they like their tea really sweet!
3 branches of fresh mint
pour boiling water
boil the pot for 10 minutes.

What you do:

Pour the hot tea into the cup
Pour back into the pot!!! - this mixes the sweet sugar that has sunk to the bottom in with the rest of the tea
Pour another cup of tea

Of course, in Auckland, my favourite place to get mint tea is Mezze bar. But it's just as easy to brew it at home. Try yourselves!

Mint is probably the easiest herb you could ever grow. They are funny little things, as resistant as weed, they never die!!! I used to have one a couple of years ago, and had a hard time keeping up with its fast growth. Even as much as I love mint tea, haha.

Enjoy! :)

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