Ferry over to Devonport

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Grey weather, still putting off having to get a new umbrella to replace the current one with a few broken arms - I wonder how long it'd last?!

I hate it when it's neither really pouring nor raining, it's just drizzling/spitting/sprinkling. When it's not really an umbrella weather, but you still get wet without it, especially if you wear glasses like I do. 

Actually, I got to avoid that kind of situation for most of this trip, but just saying...

Went up Mt Victoria in Devonport, Auckland with M. From the ferry terminal it's just a straight walk up the main road until you reach the bend at the end, then you can start climbing. It's the nearest, highest hill around, so you really can't miss it. M and I spent a bit of time at the summit, playing around the mushroom looking things around the bunker, and admiring the lone canon in its nesting place. The summit overlooks the historic little town, known for their good eating places and community craft markets. Devonport also hosts the annual Wine and Music Fest every summer in February, which, if you get the chance, is worth checking out. 
Dinner was a Greek fil wrap and Dolmades at Nicolino Restaurant on our way down the main road. Greek restaurants always make me think of Santorini, the Greek island that is one of my dream places to visit, and also the popular Greek restaurant with the same name, that used to be in central Christchurch before the earthquakes. 
Dolmades is a vegetarian dish with savoury rice wrapped in vine leaves. So nice. 
The trip lasted quite a bit longer than expected, but it was a good fun. Where will we go next?

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