Lunch place: Circus Circus

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Up Mount Eden for a bit of high point sight seeing of Auckland, dragging our unfit legs along... Speeding downhill afterwards powered by hunger... to Circus Circus.

Clowns, clowns, everywhere!
Luckily they had a table free for us. We quickly bagged it before the others had the chance, then went back to the counter to order. The line was long, so think some people in front of us had the problem of finding places to sit for their ordered food to arrive. Ha. We were more clever.
The menu today was Moroccan chicken, ricotta and pumpkin filo wrap with salad on the side. M got spinach and feta quiche, but mine was nicer, so we shared. There was also carrot cake for dessert... No dinner necessary, or even possible, tonight!
How can you not help but liking this place? Another place where details have gone into even their takeaway coffee cups - sweet as! The only thing would have been the noise coming from the kitchen just behind us - was the kitchen hand trying some circus tricks? There were quite a few plates broken today, and don't think the other kitchen staff were pleased..

"What happened to the fiscal spending cuts plan?" K asks me. Haha.... I know... It's been thrown out the window this month, really. Will get more stuck onto it from next week! Ditto for more exercise/running...

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