Sandwich: Pâté and Pear

Friday, July 13, 2012

From Sandwich: A Global History by Bee Wilson.

Smooth chicken liver pâté with a sweet pear chutney on thin slices of sourdough bread.
Not your average sandwich idea, right? Which is exactly I thought, 'I should try this!'
This week has been pretty tiring, and I am thankful that it's Friday today. Yeah, yeah, Friday the 13th, but I had a good day, actually. On the way home I picked up the ingredients - chicken liver and cranberry pâté, pear paste, bread, from the local grocery store.

It really is nice! Kind of wish I'd bought better bread, but, meh, doesn't really matter. The pear paste wasn't really paste, it wasn't easily spreadable in its jelly form, but I was just glad they even had it in stock :)

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