Back to healthy eating, please!

Thursday, August 09, 2012

All these latest eating up a storm and as a consequence feeling full all the time has gotten me thinking. I need to get back to my healthy lifestyle. Seriously. I have realised that I do almost no exercise these days, and my meal portion has increased substantially. My body has definitely been feeling it. Not good!

When have I stopped my daily two-hour walks? When have I stopped going on my weekly runs? Actually, I know the answers to those. After Paris, and after April, respectively. My average activity has sundered so low, and it's being reflected in my mental and physical health.

What about my eating habits? What happened to the fruit, muesli and yoghurt breakfasts, and vege salad dinners? I was having salad dinners as late as late June, couple of months back. Going to Takapuna for the TESL course completely put my life in a haywire (and I'm not even going to go overseas, any more, hmph!). Also I think I was so busy trying to try out all the new hip cafes in Auckland this year, with their coffee, tea and desserts (as opposed to the restaurants in Paris), that I had fallen into the bad habit of looking out for the sweet things, ever so lately.

Got to control myself and step back into line, once again!
Because I miss feeling healthy and fit - ..and toned, strong, and lighter - and more energised!

Sometimes it's hard trying to be healthy in the busy lifestyle that we lead. In the morning we're often in a rush to get to work. Going for runs is hard to slot in between our duties because: a. the change of clothes you need with you therefore the heavier load you have to carry, and so how are you going to run with all that luggage? and b. the sweat and thus an extra shower you need to take (hot water is expensive, okay?!). Plus c. the time needed, to get your healthy lunch and exercise gear ready for the day. It's all about planning, but if the planning takes too long, it becomes harder and harder to execute, until you gradually stop altogether. Another new year's resolution faded into non existence, until the next year.

Not going to let that happen!

Okay, so a few cheap and healthy meal ideas for lunch and dinner:
- Stuffed capsicums - with brown rice and diced tomatoes, maybe meat bits (because I don't want to become iron deficient, again)
- Beans and rice - the simplest meal ever
- Pasta with steamed vege/tuna chunks/fresh vege
- Baguette sandwiches with vege and cheese
- Greens, plain with balsamic dressing or variations thereof (like this one)
- Spring rolls
- Healthy pizzas
- Tomato and goat cheese tart - one of my favourite recipes!

Okay, going to walk to work and back tomorrow. Got to start slow and build up, but the most important thing is to (re)start! :)

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  1. I had the same problem during my first year of college. I felt so sluggish! I decided to follow a vegetarian diet and have felt so much more energized and healthy! It isn't the best diet for everyone, but it is worth a thought.

    check out my blog!

    1. I think vegetarian is better for me, too, just need to cut back on my desserts, though! I like your blog :)


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