Bread place: Olaf's artisan bakery cafe.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

New fav alert! Being a relatively new addition to the Mt Eden Village is the excuse I am giving for not having been here earlier. It's a little off to the corner of the main street, also. However, now that I have found you, Olaf's artisan bakery cafe, open 7 days (yay!), I will be stopping by regularly.

What for?

Quality bread! and scrumptious pastries!

Think European - Olaf is the German baker-owner, after all. Not in a rustic local bakery, but clean and spacious comtemporary cafe environment, actually. 

I got here to get one of their fruit smoothies before work yesterday - huffing and sweating from the beautifully bright morning sun - and I had to stop and oogle at the selections before the waiter at the counter could get any words out of me.

I want to try all of their breads, the Farmer's bread, the Sourdoughs, the Rye, and the weekend special Vollkorn...

One cabinet displays an eye-catching array of sweet pastries, such as berry tarts and delicate pastéis de nata like the ones I had tasted in Paris (and also found recently at the Glenfield night market - post to come soon). 

On the other side are the sandwiches and salads, the savouries, and guess what I have spotted?! Reuben sandwich...!!!! I have always wanted to try this deli meat-stuffed meal, and thought I'd have to go to New York City (I'd first heard about the sandwich in a NYC tourist article) for my first bite. Not any more! Even though I on the process of going back to my (largely-)vegetarian diet. Apparently their breakfast menu is also very good. Hmm.. Who wants to come with? 

Did I mention that this place is an award-winning cafe, with equally awarded baker? 

I might go for an early morning visit tomorrow for my first Olaf bread loaf! Hope the weather will be fine...

Olaf's Artisan Bakery Cafe
1 Stokes Road, 
Mount Eden, Auckland 1024

Mon - Fri 7h - 18h
Sat & Sun 7h - 17h
Olaf's Artisan Bakery Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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