Brunch place: Fraser's

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

A night over at M's - lovely house!!! can I move in please?! - though we didn't sleep in as long as we would have liked to, for we had a packed day ahead of us. Dressed in matching sweaters, we headed for Fraser's in Mt Eden, for a breakfast brunch of a friend. We shared a potato cake with blue cheese sauce. Yum. Not many people like the taste or the smell of blue cheese, but I am glad M was feeling adventurous that day. It wasn't very strong actually, and we both enjoyed it. For dessert, we had a cheesecake, of course - why else would we have come to Fraser's?! We had the Bailey's cheesecake again. The crusts are always the best part of cheesecakes for me, and this piece had a huge crust, so I was happily digging at them most of the time ;) I also spied another pastry cafe from the corner of Fraser's, so perhaps will be popping in there, soon!

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