First week in Korea

Monday, August 27, 2012

The first week in Korea in a few pictures. This is the exit from the subway, on my way to work. I was pleased at the pretty brick walls, not to be found anywhere else.
Not being sure of how long it'd take to get to work, I arrived safely early each day. Early enough to slot in a quiet reading time every morning.
One thing I'd forgotten about Korea, amongst many others, to come: The toilet seats all have bidets, where with a push of a button a jet of water squirts up your ass to cleanse for you. Never tried, don't think I ever will. On top of that though, even weirder still, is that the seats are heated.

With the hot weather nowadays, it's not always pleasant to be sitting on a hot surface, but in cold winters it can be a blessing. Also, no female sanitary hygiene bins. Koreans - and other Asian countries, I found - do not like to flush toilet paper down the toilet. High risk of blockage. As a result the toilets can have a peculiar stink about them, but thankfully at my work the toilets are cleaned regularly.

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