Lake Pupuke, Takapuna

Saturday, August 04, 2012

 One of the big reasons I love New Zealand is its nature. Sometimes living in a city you can forget what a beautifully green country you live in, but just a walk or a short bus ride in any direction there's always a natural beauty to make your heart sigh with content... here in New Zealand.
 During the last month I have been bus-ing to and from Takapuna. It's a part of Auckland that had been practically unknown to me before. I've pretty much been limited to my Auckland Central area for the last five years, you see. Not having access to a car, there wasn't really a chance nor a need to cross the Harbour bridge to the other parts of the vast Auckland area. Not by myself, nor at my leisure, anyway.
 Lake Pupuke is a big lake near central Takapuna, just a few blocks away from the Takapuna beach. It took me a month to get here, but I am glad I found it. There were people rowing and canoeing and diving in the waters in the late afternoon. In the green patch by the lake flocks of various birds were enjoying themselves - black swans, fat geese, ducks, native pukekos...
I love looking out onto the waters and being surrounded by the big blue nothingness. If I am by myself I am happy; if I am with another I am happy for that, also. Clearing my mind out of everyday thoughts and just letting the calmness wash over me. Admiring the sky above the waters and the cloud patterns that seem drawn on, wondering how it got there in that particular shape. Beautiful :)

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