Lunch: 8Grain sandwich

Thursday, August 16, 2012

A slice of 8 Grain Loaf, onion paste, spinach leaves, tuna, olive slices. With lemon tea.

 I told you I'd go to Olaf's in Mount Eden this morning. It was sunny to start with. Took a sudden turn when starting back, though, as it seems to each day. Ah well.
 I got a 8 Grain Loaf - kibbled rye, wheat, linseed, buckwheat, sunflower seeds, pearl barley, sesame seeds, and rolled oats, and a Fig & Fennel Sourdough. The sourdough was especially nice so I kept taking pieces as I power walked back home in the rain. Thus the half eaten bread in the picture.
 The fig chunks were big and as many as I'd hoped. I love figs. I know, I love a lot of things. But I love figs, haha.

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