Ballet at Ehwa Women's University

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Life is full of surprises. I received a little surprise gift to see this ballet concert one Friday, when I was resting at a metro platform, feeling a little queasy and nauseated. There was a middle aged lady sitting next to me. She must have been waiting for a friend because she was on her phone a lot, but suddenly she asks me if I want to go to see a ballet. Apparently her friend can't make it on time, and they might go to the evening session later on.
I had been registered to go to a seminar on the globalisation of films, but thought a ballet would be much more relaxing in my current state at the time. It was also a chance for me to visit Ehwa Women's University for the first time. So I gratefully accepted the unexpected present, and feeling much better at my luck, went on my way.
It was a small concert in the honour of a Korean ballerina who must have been quite a pioneer in the Korean ballet scene, to my understanding. The repertoire consisted of Korean historic scenes, performed by a large group of ballerinas.
Ehwa University is famous for its pretty buildings and architecture.
In the past, being an 'Ehwa girl' meant that you were sure to get a good husband, for one reason or the other.
Even now, traces of this still remain. I heard that Ehwa is the most expensive university in Korea, so lots of rich girls must go here.

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