Daehakro [part 2]

Thursday, September 06, 2012

 More photos to show you of my walk through the artsy streets of Daehakro :)
 It definitely is an ideal date course, and there were indeed many couples around us. Ah, well... haha.
 This white tree drawn on the wall has a Korean character has fruit growing off the branches. The character stands for the laughing sound, as in, hahaha. Laughters bearing fruit on a tree. I thought it very clever.
 Beautiful and colourful
 This cat can be seen in many places in Daehakro and Hongdae, or so I've heard.
 Le café chat. It made me think of D who is a cat person.
 Up, up, up the hill
 Not all the walls are painted on.
 Let's take a walk up the sky!
 Cute! Ladybirds on the power readers...
 It was a day of good legs workout.
 Peek-a-boo, woof woof!
 Some paintings were fading off...
 The area is full of quite old houses, especially near the top. There are mostly old ladies who live in the area. Canaries to keep them company...
 Hot chillies being dried under the sun.
 Again the popular flowers stairs, a must stop.
 The blue sky..
 This is for D, a comics fan ;)
 Slow does it, like a snail. Taking a rest on our way down.
 Down, down the hill, now.
 :) :) :)
 Lovely, ain't it? It's like a house, with the windows!
 This is what an average police car looks like in Seoul.
 Night fishing...
  Almost over, now.
 I thought this was a pretty quirky sight. It's a barber's with all these colourful blue and red words decorated all over the window. HAIR CENTA- haha.

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