Dinner place: 두부마을 (Dubu Maul)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

It was pouring and I really wanted to a tofu dinner, at this hidden restaurant I heard about in a guide book.
Dubu Maul means literally, 'Tofu Village'. They offer tofu based dishes as their speciality, you see. Look at the amount of side dish we got! They were actually small in quantity on each plate, but the variety was more than at other places.
This is tofu seafood jeongol (전골), which means that there is a low, wide pan like pot with lots of things in it - in this case tofu and seafood - that sizzles away on a live heat source.
We had traditional Korean drink called Dong Dong-ju (동동주) as well, which is kind of like Magguli (막걸리), another type of Korean alcohol, but has been fermented... longer? shorter? Sorry, I cannot remember.
You may need to call the above number when choosing to come here. It really is well hidden away! But it was worth the search.
Enjoy a healthy filling meal in a tradition-inspired interior within this tradition-inspired neighbourhood of Seoul, Insa-dong (인사동).
Mmm, yum.

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