Seoul: 대학로 (Daehakro)

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Daehakro means 'University Avenue', because there are lots of universities about. It's a place of theatres and street artists as well, though not strictly graffiti  like. There's one particular area where the street walls are decorated by many artists, so I got N to guide me there, despite the stifling heat.
The streets were high on a hill, but once there, it didn't seem like we were in Seoul at all. There were hardly any people, perhaps because everyone was wisely hiding from the sun, unlike us.

In the sort of the entry way before the hill, there were cute cafes welcoming us, and also warning us of the thirsty heat ahead.

Monkey, haha.

This set of stairs is particularly well known to the Koreans since it was featured in a Korean drama. I can't remember which one it was, though. Since then, this has become a must-stop for all that pass by.

It reminded me a bit of Montmartre in Paris, being quite artsy and on a hill, and all that.

As well as wall paintings, installation arts are dotted about the arty hill area.

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