Seoul: Itaewon

Friday, September 07, 2012

Itaewon is the foreign hub of Seoul, where there are many ethnic restaurants and drinking places. During the day it's a bit dead, but come night the place comes alive. It's also the home of prostitutes, I hear. So be careful when out in the evenings, but also be prepared to be bored if you only come in the early afternoon because there are only extra large American apparel stores open, really.
I haven't really seen a lot of Itaewon, yet, but this street just off the metro station was full of colourful restaurants of all over the world,
British, Italian, French, Greek, South American, Vietnam, etc, etc
J and I wanted to go to this Taco place I'd heard about, but it was too popular and we would have had to wait almost an hour. No, we decided. At least we now know where it is, for another time, perhaps.

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