Typhoon B?

Sunday, September 02, 2012

There was a typhoon warning in Korea earlier this week, and so I got to get off work early. I went to visit a friend instead, and to get there I had to get on a bus, for the first time.

The Korean bus I got on was spacious inside, because there were only one seaters to either side. Weird. It meant there were more room for people to stand though, I guess. Was certainly the case in the morning when everyone was on their way to work the next day, and I am sure it would be the same later in the day when people go back home after work.

The typhoon itself was a bit of a disappointment, at least for the majority of people in Seoul. It didn't even rain much. There was another typhoon that was supposed to pass on Thursday, but apart from the rain, I don't even know if it crossed across Seoul or not. Fortunately.

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