Bukhansan (북한산)

Monday, October 15, 2012

I have just come back from an amazing day in the nature. A couple of friends and I went to hang out at Mt Bukhan, which is part of the mountain ranges in the northern side of Seoul.
 The tallest peak is at 825m or somewhere near it. We didn't have the time to get there this time, but still.
 The weather was awesome and it was a good 6-hour trip.
 Amazing, look at it!
 Seoul is seriously a big white city. The tall apartment buildings are stacked up in uniform lines, like domino pieces.
 From the top, we went from one peak to another.
 Sometimes the path was steep, some sculpted, some not so marked. Going down was definitely harder than going up, I think.
 But either way, very glad I got to see this today.
 There were many other hikers like us. Koreans are crazy about mountain climbing, and also cycling. On the metros you will often catch middle aged men and women in climbing gear, shoes, bags, sticks, gloves... Often in matching outfits for couples.
 We are well on our way into autumn now so the higher we went, the brighter the foliage. The leaves were dressed in hot bright red, they were so so pretty.

 Some preferred to be in yellow.

 Looking back on our progress. We walked all..
 ...along this.
 On our way down, we got a bit lost. We found ourselves alone, the paths were no longer clear, the surroundings more wild. The sun was coming down. Finally we found a direction sign... only to find that we still had as much to go as when we had started on our descent! How was it possible?

We found our way out in the end though. Whew.
We came by this temple with the carved out Buddha, believed to be done in the 11th century.

Wow. What an adventure.

I have been keeping myself busy and expect to be so until at least the next month, or early December. Plenty of people still left to meet. Then hopefully I will have more time to take a sit to rest and breathe and think a bit more. Here's a good night to a week. Another week awaits us a sleep away :)

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