Taco place: Vatos, Itaewon

Monday, October 15, 2012

Third time lucky!!! Finally!!

Remember that time when J and I had to do with fish n' chips and nacho/burritos? Because the first time the wait was too long, and then the restaurant/bar was having a moving day. We decided to forget it, give up. J had no choice any way, since she was going back to Europe. As for me, well, I thought I'd try one last time. And I got my way in the end.
They said to wait another 40 minutes. Bah. Fine. We were tired, R from her day of being pounded all over by her physiotherapist, and I... I can't remember.
Turns out, we only had to wait ten minutes. It was the shortest "40-minute" ever!
Tacos with chicken, tacos with fish, nacho chips with greasy cheese, and my bottle of Corona.

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