Weekend marks 26

Monday, October 22, 2012

Accomplishments this weekend:

- Finally went to a studio to get my films developed. Going back on Wednesday to pick them up. Hopefully they come out alright... Scared!

- Finally, also, bought my much sought out and needed pair of winter boots. I've been wanting a good pair of ankle boots for some time now. They had to be not too high in heel length, not too high on the ankles, comfortable and not too expensive. I thought some of the ones in Zara looked the best, but they were either too heavy or too expensive, and plus they didn't have one in my size, which was a bummer. I went around five Zara stores looking for the perfect pair, with no success, I'm not even kidding. Then I went to this Korean brand shop in a department store, called Spicy Color (the Koreans use American spelling, of course), and finally bought a pair. They were light and almost half the price, and very comfortable. It's funny because I had seen the pair during the beginning of my hunt, and so I've basically come round a long circle. It may be a tiring method of shopping, but I want my purchases to be well thought out.

- Went to a flatwarming party and assisted in D's first cooking session in his new kitchen. I bought him and T ingredients for guacamole, plus the knife and bowl to make and put the finished dip into. I thought guacamole would be a good way for him to get under way because it's easy to make. Also because it's much healthier than the usual ramens he cooks up. His knife skills were surprisingly good, and the dip was not too bad.

- Watched 'Looper' at the cinemas. It was a great movie, with Joseph Gordon-Levitt whom I like, and Emily Blunt was in it, too. The child actor who played an important role in the story was very scary, especially because he was so cute. The time travelling made me think of 'The Time Traveller's Wife' a bit, but I still enjoyed it very much.

Back home I counted a whooping 26 mosquito bites marking my weekend out. All over my face, neck and hands. And I'd thought the Summer was over...

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