Busan - day 1

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Start of my first trip in Korea! It was early morning and I wasn't sure of the weather for the weekend down South, so I prepped up cosy in my down jacket.
It was a little too warm in Busan, though. Better being hot than being cold!
Jagalchi market is a famous fish market in Busan.
There were all sorts of seafood. She sells seashells by the seashore, haha.
Y and I visited the Busan International Film Festival area, next.
Like the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Busan has a little famous corner of its own. I found Juliette Binoche, a French actress.
One of the things one must eat here, apparently, is sweet Korean pancake, hodduk, but one which cannot be found in Seoul. This pancake is fried, and has an assortment of seeds inside, such as peanuts and sunflower seeds. AKA Seung-gi hodduk, because this Korean celebrity eating the pancake on TV made it a suddent hit.
Okay, so foods aside, what else is there to do in Busan? Shopping! There are two other big markets near the Jagalchi seafoods market. Both came about post-Japanese Occupation. The markets areas were originally where the Japanese lived. Since the Japanese fled the area towards the end of World War Two and the Koreans and Americans from all over the country filled their area, and began to sell Japanese related products and American food cans. Hence the huge markets were established. One is known as the International Market, and the other, Can Market (direct translations).
In one part of the International market there were many op shops that were packed with cute colourful granny style sweaters and warm winter coats I would have bought... had I the money. Plus the fact that I would have had to carry the shopping around with me all weekend helped me decide against spending. 
It was still fun to window shop.
How cute is this ensemble! Our especially favourite vintage place.
Street foods are the best.
I looked up from eating and was met with a temple in front of me. The traditional and the modern next to each other.
To end our first day at Busan, we visited the small Gwangalli beach with its famous bridge.
And our dinner. Fresh vegetables on pig feet meat. Only in Busan?! With the fresh vegetables, anyway.

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