Busan - day 2

Sunday, November 11, 2012

The second day in Busan was about arts. Actually, so was the third, but more about that next time.
These forty steps were the only means of access between the houses and markets for the Korean exiles from the North during the war.
Arts in the city.
An area of old books stores. There is a street full of tiny corners filled with stacks of used books.
Arts, arts in the street.
Food in the street. The shop is the only store for the past 35 years in the book stores' area. The lady shop owner was quite unfriendly, haha. The bread wasn't even yummy.
Colourful arts on the walls, so pretty, but the climb was steep and energy draining.
On my list of things to do in Busan was to visit my Dad's old university. This year marks the 35th year of his graduation, with a huge reunion at the end of the year. Dad cannot make it, much to his regret, but I was glad I got to visit his old turf, finally. The island in which the Korea Maritime University is situated could be seen through the bus windows.
Dad hadn't wanted to come to this school, at first. It was recommended by his elder brother, nine years his senior. His four years here in obligatory white uniforms brings many memories for him, though, I'm sure.
At the time only guys were allowed at the school. Now females are also granted university entry, but think they are still a minority.
There are two marine ships for students to practise in, such as emergency exits when the ship is submerged in  water, etc.
Thanks to Korea Maritime University, Dad was able to travel to most parts of the world as a graduate marine engineer. Like, everywhere except Europe. Where he got to go last year.
One cannot leave Busan without having tried some sort of seafood! Y and I had... a sea squirt at a foodcart area near Haeundae beach. Don't go there; too touristy, so very expensive, and not a great variety. We should've have eaten at Jagalchi market the day before, instead.
Haeundae beach is bigger than Gwangalli of the evening before. It is a very popular beach, and in its peak Summer time you will have to fight for a place to put your feet on. Fight and pay for your square metre for the hour.
We were lucky there weren't too many bodies around, and there weren't any winds either.
Many musicians perform along the esplanade, such as this duo of the name, Wildflower. They are young, around 21, I think, and have been performing for the past five months, coming out every afternoon to share their music with their audience. They are trying their luck through radio and TV, soon. I wish them luck.

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