Busan - day 3

Monday, November 12, 2012

Final day of Y and my three-day Busan weekend! We had stayed the second night at a packed and stuffy local bathhouse where Y had an uncomfortably sleepless night, while I was pretty much gone to the world and slept like a log amongst a sea of people. We kicked off the day with a brunch at a famous local chain bakery, OPS. People were literally buying bagfuls of bread, which was a surprise for me because I've never seen Korean buy so much bread before.
I told you the third day was an arts filled day as well. Whereas the second day was about arts outside, on Sunday we enjoyed the arts indoors.
Busan biennale happens every two years. Here is a selection of the works I enjoyed. Recycled bottle faces. So cute.
Death was a recurring theme. Dead deers, mostly from the evil of men.
Children participated with the help of a Chinese artist.
My favourite video exhibition was this short film extract of a couple singing of a village by the sea.
Y and I stayed here the longest, both drenched in the music and the lovely big dark space of the room, twirling and dancing and singing along.
Soon it was time to head back. It had taken us five hours in the bus from Seoul. The way back was longer, due to the traffic. By the time we got home it was past half past eleven at night, both not looking forward to work the following morning.
Despite the tiredness, I really enjoyed my first Korean voyage, to Busan. It was nice to be travelling with another person, because usually I go on solo or larger group trips. The weekend was a chance for me to reorganise my thoughts, and a small breather from the bustling and repetitive lifestyle of working in a huge metropolitan city.
Reminding myself to always smile at my fortunes. I am a very lucky girl being able to experience all of this.

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